Quality is part and parcel of every practice in Synergy. Our team exercise tight control over the manufacturing, engineering and logistics of its products and equipment, from the delivery of raw materials right up to the delivery of the components and equipment.

Emphasis on strong traceability is not only confined to its raw materials but also extends all the way up to the finished component and equipment. Synergy has put in place a parts traceability system, which like its name suggests, allows the company to trace the historical details of a single component. By doing so, we are able to better determine the causes for any component failure, and to facilitate quality management matters far more effectively.

We also have established a DHR & DMR system internally :
DHR - Device History Record
DMR - Device Master Record

Synergy invests heavily to constantly upgrade its quality engineering and assurance capabilities every year and to date, we host a QA/QC equipment as a major issues to improve or to succeed customer from expectation as a world wide inquiry standard . Hence, we are pursuing for ISO 9001:2000 standards in manufacturing and quality practices towards our next quality milestone.